Monday, June 29, 2009

The World's Smallest Harbor

The World's Smallest Harbor, Depoe Bay, Oregon, Lat. 44°48′26″N Long. 124°03′44″W. Depoe Bay is a small fishing town. Located along Hwy 101, it's the only town that boasts the smallest navigable harbor in the world at only 6 square acres. It is a must stop, and a great place to visit.
Take a walk to the sea wall, look for the geysers that have a habit of blowing water 60 feet in the air and watch the local whales breach. Depoe Bay has resident gray whales that actually make their home there 10 months out of the year. There are various observation spots to watch them play or you can charter a boat right there in town for a ride out to take a closer look. One of the better places is Dockside Charters located in the harbor, go aboard the "Whales Tail" for a great ride
Spotting a breaching Gray or Orca while whale watching is an absolute rush and is something you'll never forget. I remember one time Gray Whales breached on our port side and swam under the boat and came up and breached on the other side, then skyhopped right next to the boat, what an experience.
Depoe Bay, the closest port along the path of the migrating Gray Whales and the summer feeding grounds for numerous whales. Gray whales feed in and around the near shore kelp beds from late April through October, providing the best whale watching on the entire coast. The Gray Whales are also visible from the middle of December through February on their southerly and northerly migration. Orcas as well as Humpback whales are often seen.
Our Zodiac "Whales Tail" carries up to 6 people, very enjoyable trip for the whole family.
We run daily trips weather permitting out for ocean sightseeing and to see the whales. Departure times change daily so call in the morning for that days departure times.
I'm always telling people the very best time of the year for whale watching is July, August and September, but this year it is early. Whale Watching is great. Today Kit, on the Whales Tail, touched and petted her first whale. Obviously one of the Lagoon whales, (I'll call them) used to coming up to the boats has shown up and Kit was there to greet her. She spent about 15 minutes at the boat, all got to touch her before she wandered off. A fantastic experience for enyone who has never had that opportunity. There were also at least five other whales in the area as well.
The "Whales Tail" is available 7 days a week, Gary or Kit like to start in the mornings, around 8 AM and will run all day and into the evening. Call for reservations and prices on our Whale Tours.
DOCKSIDE CHARTERS Depoe Bay PO Box 1308, Depoe Bay, Oregon 97341 (541) 765-2545 or (800) 733-8915 Ask for Gary or Kit the "Whales Tail"