Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Navigation Rules 28 and 29

Rule 28 Vessel Constrained by her Draft:
Under the International Rules, a vessel "constrained by her draft" is obligated to conform to the Rules covering a meeting or crossing situation. She has no additional right-of-way over another vessel and is required to navigate with "particular caution," but the other vessel is, in turn, required not to impede her safe passage, see Rule 18(d). There is no Rule 28 in the Inland Rules.

Rule 29 Pilot Vessels

Vessel engaged on pilotage duty - underway.

Vessel engaged on pilotage duty - at anchor, vessel less than 50 meters in length.
The lights of pilot vessels are "White over red - pilot ahead." (As contrasted with "Red or green over white - they're fishing tonight.")
White-over-red lights are also used by fishing vessels when hauling in their nets if fishing in close proximity to other fishing vessels (Annex II). However, these lights are used in conjunction with white-over-green lights so there is little likelihood of confusion with a pilot vessel.
(a) A vessel engaged on pilotage duty shall exhibit:
(i) at or near the masthead, two all-round lights in a vertical line, the upper being white and the lower red.(ii) when underway, in addition, sidelights and a sternlight; and(iii) when at anchor, in addition to the lights prescribed in subparagraph (i), the anchor light, lights, or shape prescribed in Rule 30 for anchored vessels.
(b) A pilot vessel when not engaged on pilotage duty shall exhibit the lights or shapes prescribed for a similar vessel of her length.