Friday, January 16, 2009

Moon LOP Azimuth and Intercept Questions

Moon (Azimuth and Intercept)
On 25 February 1981, at 0622 ZT, you observe the upper limb of the Moon with a sextant altitude of 59° 58.6'. Your DR position is Lat. 30°28.3'8, Long. 102°39.3 E. The chronometer reading at the time of the sight is 11h 21m 18s and the chronometer is 48s slow. The height of eye is 59 feet and the index error is 2.5' on the arc. What are the azimuth (Zn) and intercept (a) of this sight using the assumed position?
A. Zn 305.4°, a 4.2 Towards
B. Zn 234.6°, a 4.2 Away
C. Zn 305.4°, a 1.5 Towards
D. Zn 305.4°, a 9.3 Towards

On 22 July 1981, at 0720 ZT, in DR position Lat. 20° 38.2'N, Long. 87°16.0'W, you observe the Moon's lower limb. The sextant altitude (hs) is 38°32.6, and the chronometer reads 01h 18m 14s. The chronometer is 01m 28s slow. The index error is 3.1' off the arc, and the height of eye is 68 feet. What is the azimuth (Zn) and intercept (a) of this sight from the assumed position?
A. Zn 291.4°, a 5.2 Away
B. Zn 111.4°, a 8.7 Away
C. Zn 248.6°, a 5.0 Towards
D. Zn 068.6°, a 6.5 Towards