Sunday, January 18, 2009

Celestial Navigation Sight Form Definitions

Here is the format that I use for basic celestial sights and the definitions.

Body - Name of the Body
Date - Local Date
DR Lat. - For the time of the sight
DR Long. - For the time of the sight
Hs - Sextant Altitude (Reading at the time of the sight)
IE - Index Error +/- "On the arc / Off the arc"
Hs - Sextant Altitude
Dip - Height of eye correction
Ha - Apparent Altitude
Alt. Corr. - Altitude Correction
Ho - Observed Altitude
ZT - Zone Time of the sight
ZD - Zone Description
GMT - Greenwich Mean Time and Date
CT - Chronometer Time
CE - Chronometer Error
CCT - Corrected Chronomete Time
GHA - Greenwich Hour Angle
M & S - Minutes and Seconds Correction (Increments)
SHA - Sideral Hour Angle (for stars only)
v - "v" Correction (for planets only)
GHA - Greenwich Hour Angle
A / Long. +E / - W - Assumed Longitude
LHA - Local Hour Angle
Tab. Dec. - Tabulated Declination
d corr. - "d" correction
Dec. - Declination