Sunday, August 30, 2015

Oregon Whale Watching Tours

The Whales Tail is dedicated to ensuring that your time spent whale watching with us is the highlight of your vacation. The Whales Tail provides passengers with the adventure of a lifetime through excellent customer service, seamanship, first class vessel, and highest possible safety standards. So sit back and enjoy as we take you on the ultimate whale watching adventure!

From there we will spend the next 1 to 1 1/2 hours familiarizing and educating you on not just whales but the entire marine eco-system. We take the time to show you all of the wonders of the sea and ensure that your trip is not only exhilarating but also educational. While we journey out to find the whales, you’ll have the opportunity to see a diverse marine ecosystem, including harbor porpoises, sea lions, bald eagles, seals and sea otters.

Available: March through October
The first and original zodiac style whale watching in Depoe Bay aboard the Whales Tail.
Book Online to maximize your chances of getting the day and time you prefer. Visit our website for more information about Whales, FAQ's, Photos.

Daily Trip Times
8:00am / 10:00am / 12:00pm / 2:00pm / 4:00pm

Trip Rates
1 hr. $30.00
1 1/2 hr. $40.00

Whale's Tail Charters
80 S. Hwy 101
Depoe Bay, Oregon 97341
Phone: 541.921.1323