Friday, February 27, 2009

Terrestrial Navigation Introduction

This was designed to help prepare yourself to pass the Coast Guard exam on Terrestrial Navigation, or if you are just interested in learning about terrestrial navigation. I will try and make it as easy as possible and easy to understand. I will give you step by step instructions for doing all these problems. You will need Plotting Sheets # 5089 or 5090, Dividers, Parallel Rules, Triangles, Calculator, reprints from Light List and Coast Pilot 1993, and Tide and Current Tables 1983.

Terrestrial Navigation for 3rd and 2nd Mate, Master / Mate 200 - 1600 Ton Inspected Vessels Near Coastal / Oceans. I have tried to design it for the applicant testing for the math / celestial test (5 /10 question - 90%) required by the Coast Guard. I will cover Compass Problems, Finding Deviation or Gyro Error, Distance Off Problems, Radar Plotting, Tide and Current Problems, Fuel Consumption, and Speed by Wheel Calculations.

Master or Mate 25 - 100 Ton - Inland or Near Coastal. I will cover the required USCG subject areas such as: Rules of the Road, Chart Navigation which covers Nautical Publications, Chart Reading, Compass, Time, Speed and Distance Calculations, ETA’s, Course Made Good / Speed Made Good, Types of Fixes, Finding the Set and Drift of the Current, Checking the Deviation Table on a Range, Finding a Course to Steer with a Known Set and Drift, and Computing the Height of the Tide and Velocity of the Tidal Current. I also will cover Navigation General and the related information used with chart work.
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