Friday, April 1, 2011

Tips and Idea's for your Whale Watching Cruise

Items to consider for your trip

Binoculars: Usually the whales are close enough to see without binoculars, looking through them is hard on a moving boat they restrict your view to a small area. Sometimes they come in handy if you enjoy watching other marine life such as birds.

Tennis Shoes: Remember you are on a moving vessel sometimes the decks get wet and slippery; tennis shoes will help give you better traction.

Warm Clothes: Be sure and bring a coat or sweatshirt or dress in layers, it can be cold even on nice sunny days especially if the wind starts to blow.

Sunscreen: On sunny days you can get sunburn even on a 1 hour trip, the sunlight has a tendency to bounce back up from the water’s surface and you can sunburn even on cloudy days.

Sunglasses: Sunglasses or a hat will help protect your eyes from glare off the water; sometimes the glare from the water will give you a headache.

Camera or Camcorder: Make sure your batteries are charged or bring spares; sometimes taking pictures of whales can be trying, a lot of times its pure luck.

Tips for the squeamish
Some people are a little nervous going out on the ocean, especially if it’s your first time, I always tell people not to worry just have a good time and enjoy the trip. Last year I only had one person get seasick. First off, unlike larger boats the “Whales Tail” sits flat on the water and has a low center of gravity, which means it does not don’t roll like the larger boats and you won’t get seasick. Sometimes the earlier in the day you go the smoother the ride will be, the wind can pick up in the afternoon and cause the ocean to get choppy.

There are medications you can take; check with your doctor what might work best for you, most medications should be taken a few hours prior to the trip. Once your trip begins it is too late to take anything. Sometimes these medications will make you tired, which means you want to take a nap after the trip instead of seeing some of the other sights or going out for lunch. I tell people to avoid fatty or fried foods, eat crackers or ginger snaps; this reduces stomach acid and can help prevent sea sickness. Keep hydrated by drinking water, ginger ale, or even sports drinks; avoid drinks that are high in sugars.

If you start to feel a little queasy take some nice deep breaths sometimes this is all that it takes. Look at the horizon, looking at something that is not moving helps your equilibrium. Remember we are whale watching, help the ole Captain out by looking for whales and other sea life; this will keep your mind occupied. The excitement of seeing these magnificent creatures will make you feel better.

About the Whales Tail
Experience the excitement of seeing gray whales “up close and personal” and other wildlife on one of our whale watching trips aboard the Whales Tail. We depart from picturesque Depoe Bay, Oregon which is only minutes from the beautiful Pacific Ocean. This is a thrilling and exciting ride for people who enjoy being out on the ocean or first timers who just want to experience being out on the ocean and have an enjoyable ride, additionally our whale watching trips are fun and informative.

One of the features the Whales Tail offers is a unique vantage point that gives you 360° viewing for observing Oregon’s resident gray whales as they feed along the coast of Depoe Bay. Don’t be surprised if you notice the whales watching you as intently as you watch them. We try to provide you with a once in a lifetime experience that is not to be missed along with some great memories. This trip is a little more personal where we can take the time to talk and get to know our customers, find out what they like or would like to see, you can’t beat a ride on the Whales Tail.

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