Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oregon Coast Whale Watching Report For June 5

Happy Whale Watchers From Ethiopia, Niguse Berta, Mikiaj Berta, Fitsum Tadesse, Teghome Tadesse

The weather was great today, we finally saw some sun here on the Coast. We ran multiple trips today and only saw one whale, just off North Point. Our resident whales should be arriving any day. The ocean conditions look great through Wednesday as they are forecasting light winds and seas. 

Whale Bits

The body of whale lice is distinctly flat and considerably reduced at the rear. Its legs, especially the back three pairs of legs, have developed into claw-like protuberances with which it clings to the whale. Its length ranges from (0.2 to 1.0 in) depending on the species.

Most species of whale lice are associated with a single species of whale. They remain with whale throughout their development and do not experience a free-swimming phase. Although the relationship between a specific species of whale lice and a specific species of whale is more pronounced with baleen whales than with toothed whales, almost every species of whale has a lice that is unique to it.

Whale lice attach themselves to the whales body in places that protect them from water currents, they are  found in natural body openings and in wounds, with baleen whales they are found primarily on the head and in the ventral pleats. About 7,500 whale lice live on a single whale.

The clusters of white lice contrast with the dark skin of the whale can help researchers identify individual whales because of the lice clusters unique shapes. The lice eat algae that settle on the whales body. They usually feed off the flaking skin of the whale, and found in wounds or open areas. They cause minor skin damage, but this does not lead to illness.

Nautical Bits
The Sky's Brightest Stars and their Magnitudes

1. Sirius -1.4

2. Canopus -0.6

3. Arcturus -0.1

4. Alpha Centauri 0.0

5. Vega 0.0

6. Capella +0.1

7. Rigel +0.2

8. Procyon +0.4

9. Achernar +0.5

10. Betelgeuse +0.5

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