Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Depoe Bay Whale Watching

Thank you Tony and Hannah of Columbia, Mo. and Kirsten, Sheila and Bree of Portland, Or. for going out on the Whales Tail, hope to see you again.

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Whale Bits
How Do Gray Whales Sleep
Whales have a respiratory system that allows them to survive under the water for up to 30 minutes at a time, without any oxygen. Because whales are in an undersea environment they cannot afford to breathe indiscriminately. They must be conscious breathers and always be aware of their blowholes.

To compensate for the necessity for conscious breathing while sleeping, whales keep half of their brains awake at all times, even while taking a nap. The other half of the brain is completely shut down. Whales will do this several hours each day. Whales sleep near the surface of the water, this way, open air and oxygen are only a short ways away in case of emergency.

Whales can sleep either horizontally or vertically, and can sleep by slowly and semi-consciously swimming close to a another whale. Young whales rest, sleep and eat while on the move, when they are by their mother, who at times is sleeping as she slowly leads them along. This is because the  mother cannot stop swimming at any time when she has a young calf because they do not have enough blubber to float on their own.

Nautical Bits
What is Dead Reckoning
Dead reckoning is the process of estimating your present position by projecting course and speed from your known past position. It is also used to predict a future position by projecting your course and speed from a known present position. The DR position is only an approximate position because it does not allow for the effect of leeway, current, helmsman error, compass error.

When navigating you can use dead reckoning in many ways, such as: to determine sunrise and sunset, to predict landfall, sighting lights and arrival times, to evaluate the accuracy of electronic positioning information, to predict which celestial bodies will be available for observation.

The most important use of dead reckoning is to project the position of the ship into the immediate future and avoid hazards to navigation. Before the development of the marine chronometer, dead reckoning was the primary method of determining longitude for mariners such as Christopher Columbus on his voyages.

Depoe Bay Events
Boiler Bay Fireworks Display
Highlight your Independence Day celebration.
When: July 3 Dusk
Location: Boiler Bay
Cost: Free

Click on the link below for our whale watching video, I hope to have more videos soon.


Something new this year we are offering are sweatshirts that have our Whales Tail logo on the back, different colors and sizes are available.

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