Sunday, June 20, 2010

Depoe Bay Whale Watching Report For June 20

I would like to thank Rick, Adam, and Emilee of Stayton, Oregon for riding aboard the Whales Tail

No whales were sighted today, they have been very elusive the last few days, we are still waiting on our resident whales to arrive. I will keep you informed on any sightings, I know they will be here soon.

Gray Whale Migration
The Gray Whale is the most common large whale seen from the western shores of Oregon. The Gray Whales that migrate along the coast of Depoe Bay are the eastern North Pacific population. This group migrates south to Baja California in the fall and north to the Bering and Chuckchi Seas in the spring. During these migrations, about 80 percent can be seen within five miles of shore. Approximately 200 feed in shallow waters close to shore from northern California to British Columbia during the summer and early fall.

Gray Whales have one of the longest known migrations of any mammal, up to 6,000 miles in each direction. Their near-shore migration has led to speculation that these animals may not be good navigators. They tend to travel farther from shore during and after stormy weather with high surf. Some scientists say that they may navigate by the sound of the pounding surf, keeping it on their left side while migrating south and on their right while migrating north. When the surf is pounding, they may be able to hear the sounds much farther from shore.

Migration North
Spread out over a longer period with two separate peaks, the northward migration begins from Baja in late February and continues through May. The number of adults and juveniles passing the Depoe Bay peaks in March and April, mother/calf pairs peak in May. The whales tend to travel at a slower rate of speed northward (about three mph) and come close to Depoe Bay in July-October, especially mothers with calves. Here in Depoe Bay we are still waiting for our resident whales to arrive, hopfully it will be any day now.

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Click on the link below for our whale watching video, I hope to have more videos soon.

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