Thursday, May 27, 2010

Whale Watching Trips On The Whales Tail

Dockside Charters in Depoe Bay provides ocean charters for whale watching, Dockside Charters is the premier whale watching charter on the Oregon Coast. Join us on the Whales Tail, it is a 26' Zodiac style inflatable boat that carries up to 6 people. It was designed to give passengers the utmost in sightseeing and whale watching experiences. The Whales Tail offers a unique vantage point that puts you "up close and personal" for observing Oregon's resident gray whales as they feed along the shores of Depoe Bay. Don't be surprised if you notice the whales watching you as intently as you watch them. We try and provide you with an excellent sightseeing experience along with some great memories.

The latest weather forecast looks great for Thursday through Monday with Northwest winds 5-15 knots and swells 4-6 feet.

Whale Bits

1. Sperm Whales have the largest brain on the planet it can weigh up to 20 pounds.
2. The fin whale is one of the fastest whales they can swim over 20 miles per hour for short periods.
3. The blue whale is the largest whale they can grow up to 100 feet.
4. Killer whales are the largest dolphins.
5. A humpback whale can eat up to a 2,000 pounds of food every day.
6. Whales can't breathe through their mouths, the mouth is connected directly to the stomach. They breathe through their blow holes, which go to the lungs.
7. A sperm whale can hold its breath for at least an hour.
8. The voice of the blue whale is so powerful it can travel for hundred miles underwater.
9. The blubber on a whale which lives in very cold water can reach up to 20 inches thick. It is used to insulate the whale and also as an emergency food store.
10. Whales do not spout water, they are letting out air from their lungs. The warm air forms a cloud, like ours does in the winter. As it comes out it will also push any water which is covering the blow hole high into the air.
11. A new born baby blue whale can weigh 4,000 pounds and be 25 feet long. Some whales do not have teeth. They have baleen instead. The largest baleen is that of the bowhead whale, whose baleen can be up to 10 feet long.

Nautical Bits
Pollywogs -  Sailors who have not crossed the International Date Line or the Equator.
Golden Dragon - Sailors who have crossed the International Date Line.
Shellback - Sailors who have crossed the Equator.
Golden Shellback - Sailors who have crossed the Equator at the 180th Meridian.

Click on the link below for our whale watching video, I hope to have more videos soon.

Something new this year we are offering are sweatshirts that have our Whales Tail logo on the back, different colors and sizes are available.

Daily Trip Times (Summer Schedule)
8:00am, 9:30am, 11:00am, 12:30pm, 2:00pm, 3:30pm, 5:00pm, 6:30pm

Depoe Bay Events
May 31, 11:00am
64th Fleet of Flowers Memorial Day Ceremonies
Attend the nationally acclaimed Memorial Day event. Pay tribute to those lost at sea while watching the flower decked fishing fleet sail to sea. Cost: Free.

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