Monday, May 24, 2010

Whale Watching Report For The Whales Tail May 24

As we headed out of the harbor this morning there was a slight breeze out of the Southeast 10-15 knots with a 5' swell. Once we reached the #2 bell buoy we headed North towards Goverment Point where we saw 5 whales busy feeding on mysid shrimp. The mysids are 10-15 feet thick in some places, which is great for the whales who feed on these tasty creatures. The wind increased over the next two trips 20-25 knots and the swell did pick up to 8 feet.

Over the course of the next two trips the whales moved closer to the boat giving us good sightings, and we did observe a calf breech once. We also had the pleasure of seeing a elephant seal, which happens on occasions. All in all it was a good day whale watching, one thing I noticed was we may have four of are resident whales back, which is a good sign. I hope to observe these whales again just to be sure they are the same whales that come back year after year.

The weather for the next two days does not look good as they are forecasting winds South winds 20-25 knots with 2'-4' wind waves and a 10' swells. After this frontal system passes the weather looks great Thursday through Monday.

Click on the link below for our whale watching video, I hope to have more videos soon.

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