Friday, September 18, 2009

Oregon Coast Whale Watching (Whale's Tail)

Whale Watching Report for 18 Sept. 2009 Whale's Tail

It was a beautiful day on the ocean, and the whales put on a fantastic show this afternoon. I think the whale's enjoyed watching us just as we did them. Especially for a great couple from Arkansa and a nice lady from Salem, Oregon. Hope you all had a wonderful trip. There were 8-10 whale's observed from South Point to Whale's Cove and they were up close and personal. Thank you for visiting our web site, we hope to see you aboard the Whale's Tail.

Whale watching has been great this past week, with lots sightings of gray whales, For added adventure, nothing beats a trip aboard the "WHALE'S TAIL". Dockside had the first licensed Zodiac style boat taking Whale Watchers out on the entire Oregon Coast. Fun for the entire family. Go out with Gary or Kit for a great time. The Whale's Tail is available 7 days a week, starting in the mornings at 8:AM and runs all day and into the early evenings. We have 1hr and 1 1/2 hr and 2 hr trips. We would like to thank everybody who went out with us and hope to see you again.

The Whale's Tail is a 25' Zodiac style inflatable boat that carries up to 6 people. It was designed specifically for Dockside Charters to give passengers the utmost in sightseeing and whale watching experiences. The Whale's Tail is owned and operated by Captains Gary and Kit.

Join us on an exciting and exhilarating whale watching excursion. The Whale's Tail offers a unique vantage point that puts you "up close and personal" for observing Oregon's resident gray whales as they feed along the shores of Depoe Bay. Don't be surprised if you notice the whales watching you as intently as you watch them.

Gary or Kit will provide you with a once in a lifetime experience that is not to be missed. After a trip on the Whale's Tail you'll be telling tales of all the whales and wonders you've seen on your adventure off Depoe Bay.

We run daily trips all day starting at 8AM and will run till early evenings. We hope to see you soon.

Gary and Kit

Whale Bits

As a baleen whale, it has a series of 130-180 fringed overlapping plates hanging from each side of the upper jaw, where teeth might otherwise be located. These plates consist of a fingernail-like material called keratin that frays out into fine hairs on the ends inside the mouth next to the tongue. The plates are off-white and about 5-25 cm in length.
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Depoe Bay, Oregon