Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oregon Coast Whale Watching (Whales Tail)

Whale Watching Report For Sept. 17, 2009 (Whale's Tail)
It was a very enjoyable day on the ocean, and once again the whales put on a fantastic show. There were 6-8 Whales observed within 1/2 of each other. Tomorrow's weather should be good. Thank you for visiting our web site, we hope to see you aboard the Whale's Tail.

Whale Bits
Range and Habitat of Gray Whale's
Gray whales inhabit shallow coastal waters of the eastern and western North Pacific often sighted along the North American Pacific Coast between the arctic and the equatorial lagoons of Baja California, Mexico. Frequently visible from shore, gray whales provide opportunity for land and boat observation, and commercial whale watching has become a major industry along its migration route. The southward journey takes 2-3 months and the whales remain in the lagoons for 2-3 months allowing calves to build up thick layers of blubber for the northward migration. The return trip north takes another 2-3 months and mothers and calves travel very near shore on the northbound migration to avoid their main predators, orca whales.

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