Sunday, August 16, 2009

Whale Watching Aboard the "Whales Tail" Aug.15, 2009

Today their was around 5-7 whales in the vicinity of Depoe Bay harbor and the folks got to get a look at them all, "Ice Cap" put on a great show. There were also several Humpback whales just offshore. There was a report of some gray whales 3-miles offshore.

Adult males are about 45 feet long. Adult females are slightly larger, and measure about 50 feet long. Both sexes weigh 30-40 tons. A 45-foot, 35-ton gray whale is about the same size as 10 large elephants. The largest gray whales have flukes, or tails, that may span 10 feet.

Go whale watching aboard the "Whales Tail"

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