Friday, August 14, 2009

Whale Watching Aboard the "Whales Tail" Aug.14 2009

Whales watching is at it's peak, with great sightings of gray whales, always a great show. For added adventure, nothing beats a great trip aboard the "WHALES TAIL". Dockside had the first licensed Zodiac style boat taking Whale Watchers out on the entire Oregon Coast. Great fun for the family. Go out with Gary or Kit for a great time.

The Whales Tail is available 7 days a week, starting in the mornings at 8:AM and runs all day and into the early evenings. We will even do sunset cruises. We have 1hr and 1 1/2 hr and 2 hr trips. I would like thank everybody who went out with us and hope to see you again.

Today their were 6 gray whales off Depoe Bay, Oregon. Eagle Eye, Vinney and Ice Cap put on a great show for everyone. The weather looks to be good for tommorrow with light winds and seas.

Fun Facts:
What is a gray whale's skin like?

The skin has many scratches, scattered patches of white barnacles, and orange whale lice. A whale's skin feels like a peeled, hard-boiled egg. All the Adult grays may have scars and tooth-rake marks from encounters with Orcas. Light gray or white scars show where the whale barnacles have fallen off. Young whales develop barnacle patches soon after birth.

Depoe Bay PO Box 1308
Depoe Bay, Oregon 97341
(541) 765-2545 or (800) 733-8915