Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Zodiac Style Whale Watching

What a Great Day and Great Whale Watching
It was a beautiful day temperatures in the 80's with light winds and seas. The forecast and the sun brought the whale watchers out in groves and the whales were everywhere and easy to find. The forecast all the way through next weekend looks nice so come on down and get out of the heat and enjoy the Oregon Coast and the whales.

The Zodiac style boat continues to give folks a great trip, great for the family. "Eagle Eye" who has been off Depoe Bay, Oregon since 2004 has been seen the last 4 days. Eagle Eye has a very distinctive pattern on the left dorsal hump that resembles an eye.

"Eagle Eye" exhibits very friendly behavior by approaching the boat and rubbing up against it.

Lets go Whale Watching aboard the "Whales Tail"

Depoe Bay PO Box 1308
Depoe Bay, Oregon 97341
(541) 765-2545 or (800) 733-8915